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I'll give Aquinas credit for this, he created a unique system of argumentation which at least entertains the possibility of objections to his thought. Treatise on Law EPUB EBook That being said, this excerpt from the summa theologica generally sucks. Aquinas's arguements are dependnt on a slavishly loyal reading of Aristotle/Augustine/The Bible, and like City of God, if you start with the supposition that your sources are inerent then you can justify just about anything you want, regardless of how noble you think your intentions are. The thing is, the capacity to use citations well doesn't make you a great thinker, it just makes you a clarifier.It's all too easy to see how this kind of reasoning leads to a dead, inhuman sort of dogmatism and a near total inability to confront and question the actual world around you. Unless you care deeply about church scholasticism, don't even bother picking it up. And if you do, then do your friends a favor and get a life. Like this book? Read online this: Aquinas on Being, Treatise on Prayer.

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