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TRAINSPOTTING & download; SHALLOW GRAVE. Trainspotting & Shallow Grave EPUB EBook(1996).John Hodge.****.
Hodge is a screenwriter – or at least he has written these two scripts made into successful films.Trainspotter is probably the best known of the two, but “Shallow Grave” managed to win several prestigious awards.“Trainspotter” was adapted from the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh.The story was set in Scotland, and told of a group of buds who were all hooked on heroin.It is what kept them together, and what ultimately broke them apart.I’ve seen this film, and will probably never forget some of the scenes.“Shallow Grave” is the story of money and greed vs. friendship.It is a strikingly good scenario.Reading film scripts is different from reading plays.It takes some getting used to, but once you are in the swing of the thing, it becomes a very revealing way to understand the film.I recommend both of these works to anyone who loves film, and, in addition is a follower of the noir approach to literature.Recommended.
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