Totally Spellbound (Fates #6)

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L. Totally Spellbound (Fates #6) EPUB EBookA. psychologist Megan Kineally has always had her feet planted firmly on the ground, which is more than she can say for her pampered clients. So she has to wonder what she's now doing hanging around in Vegas with her brother, Travers, his mysterious new fiancee, his son, Kyle, and three loopy women who call themselves The Fates. Travers says he called her there for babysitting duty, but Megan soon learns that there's more to this little trip. A whole lot more, not the least of which includes getting the Fates an appointment with elusive business tycoon R.H. Chapeau (known to friends as Robbie), and helping them get hold of a magic (yes, magic) spinning wheel...hidden in a faerie casino. If she weren't so concerned about her brother's sanity, Megan could write a bang- EPUBup paper on this delusional crew. The problem is, charming—not to mention drop-dead gorgeous—Robbie makes the whole bizarre plan seem perfectly rational. It also doesn't hurt that he calls Megan "fair maiden" without a smidgen of irony, and is smitten with her red hair and generous curves. Would it be so wrong to let go—just this once—and do something crazy? There's only one way to find out... Like this book? Read online this: Megan's Two Houses, Three Fates.

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