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My kids randomly picked this off the shelf at the library (this is how they choose books, so we often end up with some . Tomorrow's Alphabet EPUB EBook..interesting... selections).

Perhaps it is my slight OCD nature, but this book really bugged me. I understand the point and why some would call it "clever", but I think it has the potential to be confusing for some children as to what letter/sound actually begins certain words. In my opinion, this issue could have been avoided by some slight rewording.

For example, the letter "A."

The book reads: "A is for seed—tomorrow's APPLE"

(Note, "A" and "APPLE" are in a different font color from the rest of the words. I assume this is to clarify for the young readers that "apple" begins with "A" but "seed" does not. The wording is still frustrating, because it explicitly states that A is for seed.)

My re- EPUBwrite would look something like this: "A. Here is a seed—tomorrow's APPLE."

Keep the concept, get rid of the frustration.

My kids liked the book, but there is no way I'm checking it out again. Like this book? Read online this: Apple Cider Vinegar Book Package, Alphabet.

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