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In Toddlers Gone Wild!, Rebecca Eckler, bestselling author of Knocked Up and Wiped!, tackles the madness that comes with raising a boddler (half- EPUBtoddler, half-baby). Toddlers Gone Wild! EPUB EBook As any parent of a boddler knows, these are strange days indeed. Gone is the time when your child would listen when you said, no, and wear whatever adorable little outfit you chose. Nope. These days, the little darlings are likely to meet attempts at discipline with a steely, I hate you, and wardrobe choice can lead to a complete mental breakdown (on both sides). In short, sweet, and uproariously funny bursts, Eckler turns the spotlight on some hitherto neglected parenthood topics: Anti-Children People: Why cant her baby come into the store? Shes only two! She cant very well be tied to a leash and left outside! Sleeping Rearrangements: How did this happen? The boddlers in the bed with the 500 thread-count sheets, The Fiancs in the bed with the princess sheets, and Ecklers on the hallway floor, sleeping on a pile of towels. The Toilet Hug: Yay! Shes toilet trained. But wait! The only thing worse than changing a loaded diaper is a three-year- old who makes you hug her while shes on the throne. Toddler Rats: Cant blame that spilled coffee on the kid anymore. She can talk now, and she will rat you out. Please Dont Invite Me!: Admit it. You, too, have run screaming at the sight of another birthday party invitation (and tried to hide it from little eyes). There are high notes (falling in love with The Fianc all over again), low notes (why does The Boddler always fall asleep at the wrong moments), and painful notes (one more head butt and that nose job will be a reality). Through it all, Eckler does what Eckler does best: She gives voice to what every boddler parent is thinking, but afraid to say. And you thought raising a teen would be hard. Like this book? Read online this: Baby and Toddler Development Made Real, Meals That Heal for Babies and Toddlers.

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