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Rating: 1. To Seduce a Texan EPUB EBook5 / 5

Georgina Gentry is supposedly a popular historical western romance writer, but I have to say that this book does not make me want to rush right out and buy another book of hers.Instead, this book makes me very wary of trying another story of hers.I didn't enjoy this one at all.

To Seduce A Texan is set during the American Civil War - EPUB which plays a part in the storyline, but the reason why isn't revealed until about 2/3rds of the way through the book, so I won't give that part away.Will "Waco" McClain and three of his friends travel to Prairie View, Kansas where they hear there is a prosperous bank.They intend to rob it, but once they get there, they find out the town is filled with Union soldiers because of a new fort built in the area.So they decide robbing the bank is too risky.

About that time, the banker's step-daughter, Rosemary Burke, returns to town after a tour of Europe.Rosemary is a bit of a plain, plump, clumsy girl and she hates her step-father.As soon as she turns 21 in three weeks, she will inherit a fortune, her mother's house, and the bank her step-father runs.She intends to turn him out on his ear and take over everything.Then she is kidnapped by Waco and his bunch in a ransom attempt to gain them the money they need.

What Waco doesn't realize is that Rosemary's step-father hates her and wants her out of the way.He has no intention of paying the ransom and actually hopes the kidnappers kill her.Rosemary believes the kidnappers are in league with her step-father and insists they let her go.If not, she'll escape.With as much trouble as she causes, Waco and his bunch are almost tempted to let her go.

You might notice that my summary doesn't really allude to romance between Rosemary and Waco.That's because the romance in this book is so flat it's hard to even acknowledge it.Sure, the book ends with Rosemary and Waco riding off into the sunset, but even then I wasn't feeling any warm fuzzy feelings.The two spend most of the book sniping and annoyed at each other.The "romantic" scenes felt really forced and in general I just didn't buy into the romance.

Even the one and only sex scene had problems.Rosemary is a completely innocent virgin.She has no idea what goes on between men and women in bed.But you wouldn't know that by the sex scene.If I hadn't know she was a virgin prior to that scene, I wouldn't have guessed that she was one.There was no shock, no awkwardness, no embarrassment, no pain.That all made the scene very unrealistic.

One of the things that annoyed me most about this book, though, was the characterizations.Rosemary is an atypical heroine because she's rather plain and plump and she's clumsy.I liked that aspect of the story.I like heroines who are more normal.But the way the author utilized those aspects drove me nuts.Rosemary's weight is constantly referred to.You couldn't get through a scene about her without a mention of her being plump, solid, sturdy, fat, heavy, etc.It was completely unnecessary to constantly bring up her size and it was rather demeaning to the character.The way her clumsiness was treated was no better.The woman couldn't even walk across a room without tripping.All throughout the book she was falling into plants, tripping down stairs, tripping over dogs, tearing her clothes, falling down ladders, falling into rivers...etc etc etc.I mean, good grief. She was a death trap waiting to happen.

It just seemed like the author was so intent on enforcing how atypical the heroine was that she overdid it.Instead of sympathizing with the heroine because she was "different," she came off as TSTL (too-stupid-too-live).I got sick and tired of her.

There's also an issue with the author really playing up the dumb, uneducated cowboy image with Waco and his friends.I'm sure there's some realism in that, but it's not all that appealing when your hero comes off as an idiot.Waco never knows what Rosemary is saying with her "schooled" language and there's all these lines about how she's not speaking English because they can't understand what she's saying.It was just annoying.There's a line that has to be drawn between realism and appealing to your readers in a romance novel like this.This book leaned more toward stark realism, and because of that, the characters and readability suffered.

The "realism" was also inconsistent throughout the book.There are times when Waco's speaks rather normally and other times when he doesn't.He writes ransom notes that are included in the text of the story and in one he can't spell "men" (min) or "dear" (deer) but yet can spell "desperate" and "window".That didn't make much sense.

Overall, both characters were just annoying.Which made any romantic aspects fall very flat.The storyline was okay...the kidnapping, the ransom, Rosemary's step-father wanting her money, etc.But everything else about the book just aggravated me.I'll definitely think twice before trying this author again (and before randomly buying a book at Wal-mart for an author/book I know nothing about). Like this book? Read online this: Selling Your Book; the non-nonsense, step-by-step marketing and promotion workbook, How to Seduce a Straight Guy.

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