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Myra Cohn Livinston: "Sliding. Time for Poetry EPUB EBook"The words of this poem are arranges so they cleverly look like stairs.She tells of all the fun places she slid: sled, trunk, roof, hill...

David mcCord: "So run along and Play."This fun poem tells of running and playing.Then he doesn't know where to run so decides to walk and realizes how fun running is!.

Eve Merriam: "Two from the Zoo."This would be a fun poem to talk about different animals.It talks of a random animal called a skink; download; the kids could also make up their own animal.

Barbara Juster Evsensen: "Prediction."This tells of new snowfall; it is contemplative.It would be fun to introduce during the first snow of the winter.

karla Kuskin: "Tiptoe." This is a cute poem about skipping and tiptoeing on her hands.It is silly and kids would love it! Like this book? Read online this: Poem For The Day Two, Poetry II (Poetry Pamphlet Series, No. 2.).

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