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Till Morning Is Nigh by Leisha Kelly is set in December 1932, and told in the first person of Julia Wortham, a mother of three (two of her own, and Katie, whose mother left her to be a singer). Till Morning Is Nigh (Country Road Chronicles #3) EPUB EBook This makes the reading of the novel much more personal, as the reader can identify with the character a Julia. The novel is a Christmas Wortham novel, I had not read any of the other novels in the series, but that did not hamper my enjoyment.
A year previously Wila Hammond had died, leaving ten children motherless, and a grieving father. George Hammond, unable to live with his grief, had been about to take his own life, when his neighbour Samuel Wortham found him and extracted a promise from George, never to try that again. Over the year, George had turned to alcohol, and his children had become reliant on the Wortham's.
As the novel opens, George has gone missing and the Hammond children turn up on the Wortham's doorstep. Julia Wortham takes them in, and soon realises that three of the children are sick. In the days leading up to Christmas it is Mrs Wortham's job to keep all thirteen children entertained. There is no money, but a making and a re- EPUBenacting of the nativity helps the children to focus their minds on the real meaning of Christmas.
Till Morning Is Nigh is a delightful Christmas novel, that emphasises the simple joys in life. It is set during the American depression, a time of poverty for many, but neighbours and friends all pull together. The mainstay of the family is the mother, who has oodles of patience and love to hand out to all who need her.
Inspite of there being thirteen children, they were all individually drawn. My particular favourite was four year old Berty, whose childish language was charming.
Till Morning Is Nigh is the first novel that I have read by Leisha Kelly, but it is definitely not going to be the last.
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