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From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, if you're going there,chances are LonelyPlanet has been therefirst. Tibet (Country Guide) EPUB EBook With a pithy and matter- EPUBof-fact writing style, these guides areguaranteed to calm the nerves of first-time world travelers, while still listing off-the-beaten-pathfinds sure to thrill even the most jaded globetrotters. Lonely Planet has been perfecting its guidebooks fornearly 30 years and asa result, has the experience and know-how similar to an older sibling's"been there" advice. Theoriginal backpacker's bible, the LP series has recently widened its reach. While still giving insights for the low-budget traveler, the books now list a wide range ofaccommodations and itineraries for those with less time than money.

This completely revised and updated Lonely Planet guide to Tibet featuresnew maps, detailed trekking information, overland routes from China andNepal, Tibetan and Mandarin language sections, as well as essential noteson history, culture, and Buddhism. The author imparts expert advice on where to stay and eat, and presents engaging sidebars on topics such as"The World of a Monk,""Everest's Name," "King Gesar," "Important Figures ofTibetan Buddhism," "The Mandala," "Sutra & download; Tantra," and Tibetan travelers'first-hand experiences. —Kathryn True

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