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How literary critics make ridiculously pompous arses of themselves:

"To start with, the book is persistently about narrative [duh!], and the more embracing topics on linguistics and literary theory [tsk tsk], all approached with characteristically French emphases [bloody Frogs, at it again]. Thru EPUB EBookIt is crammed [really, I like my theory like weak tea] with allusions to "texts," [funny that], "semiotics," [should it be obscuriotics?] Chomsky [who?], Tristram Shandy [dratted digressions!], I Promessi Sposi [hyper messy suppose I?What is this?Desperanto spelling?], and phrases like "narrative matrix" [double duh!] and "linearity of the text"; download; Frank Kermode himself secures a mention [not half jealous are we?].Part of its material is none other than French academic talk about all those matters [and that's just so passe], and the figure of Christine Brooke- EPUBRose in her actual French academic function [as opposed to her imagined one?]—as a teacher at Vincennes [invited, no less, by Hélène Cixous]—is constantly before us [lucky dude!].This identity is established yet more firmly by the Frenchly chic photograph of the writer on the cover, her foulard arranged to display "Saint Laurent" in the V of her dress [no sexist or xenophobic commentary there, by gov?!?!].The trouble here is partly the [Verbi]voraciousness of "semiotics" itself...I also doubt if it is appropriate to speak of this work as a "narrative" except by courtesy [demonstrably lacking]."
Michael "sour grapes" Mason, Times Literary Supplement July 1975.So much for English wit and appreciation for the ironic.

In contrast, Sylvere Monod, writing in Etudes anglaises, 1976, noting the text was not without its challenges, concluded:

"Thru is a novel of great riches.A deployment of intelligence, humour, and culture as offered here by Christine Brooke-Rose is a pleasure.Her book can be defined variously: to borrow some of its marvellous expressions, it is possible to see beyond the "syntagmatrics" to a "textasy" and especially "a grammar of narrative." An astounding and alluring work." Like this book? Read online this: Aspects Of Narrative; Selected Papers From The English Institute, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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