Thresher (The Druid Series, #7)

EPUB EBook by Marata Eros

EBook Description

THRESHER is the sequel to PLOW of the Druid Series. Thresher (The Druid Series, #7) EPUB EBook

Rachel, Holly and Aubree now hold the future of the vampire race within their bodies as the Druid priests draw nearer in their pursuit of them. The Druid priests ultimate goal of stealing magic through brutality is on the cusp of realization.

Tarrin has long sought his Exotic soulmate. On the eve of certain consummation, Lucia is torn from his grasp by a long- EPUBtime enemy. Will he reclaim her before her very essence is stolen?

Beau, Kier and Cole must unify to defend what is theirs against separate forces bent on power and dominance. In a battle against all odds, is their devotion enough to eclipse the dire circumstance they find themselves in?

Can a new group of supernaturals protect the Druid treasure? Or are they more of a threat than the Reapers and Druid vampires realize. Like this book? Read online this: The Mermaid of Druid Lake, The Mermaid of Druid Lake.

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