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This review is for both volumes, since I read this about 20 years ago and don't recall the differences between the two. Three Kingdoms (5 Volumes) EPUB EBook

I read this book in 1994 or so, when I lived in Japan after college.The oldest son of a family with whom I was close (he was also about 23) loved this book and emphasized how important this epic had been to East Asian culture.He wasn't an anthropologist or cultural historian, but he was a well- EPUBread history buff and I trusted his judgment.Just in pop culture over the past 30 years, there have been a hugely successful manga adaptation in Japan which I read, a five-hour film adaptation made by John Woo and a video game that is apparently very popular.And that's just what I am aware of, and I no longer am clued in to East Asian pop culture at all.

Of the epics from various cultures that I have read (e.g., the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid), this was the most pure fun for me.I loved the stories of the military exploits and strategems of the great generals and wise officials seeking to unite China after the fall of the Han Empire.I hesitate to comment about its literary merits, because many have complained about the translation and that's not what I remember most.I think that cultural historians will also say that the book has also had a significant impact on the portrayal of various virtues in Chinese culture — e.g., loyalty, the importance of a united Chinese state, etc.But I am a bit out of my depth there.

The battles did blend into one another a little bit, but I remember plowing through all 1200 pages in not much longer than a week or so.I got out of work every day around dinner time, and I think that all I did that week after dinner was read _Romance of the Three Kingdoms _until late.

If you have an interest in China, epics of various cultures or just great yarns about heroes, I can heartily recommend _Romance of the Three Kingdoms _.

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