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Matthew McKay, PhD, is a professor of psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, and author of more than 30 professional psychology and self- EPUBhelp books which have sold a combined total of more than 3 million copies. Thoughts & download; Feelings EPUB EBook He is co-founder of independent self-help publisher, New Harbinger Publications. He was the clinical director of Haight Ashbury Psychological Services in San Francisco for twenty five years. He is current director of the Berkeley CBT Clinic. An accomplished novelist and poet, his poetry has appeared in two volumes from Plum Branch Press and in more than sixty literary magazines. His most recent novel, Wawona Hotel, was
published by Boaz Press in 2008. Like this book? Read online this: Forensic Psychology Text + Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice, True Feelings.

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