Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages

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A quick read, a concise book for beginners who are interested in reading about Aquinas, really motivates you to embark in a journey into Thomism. Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages EPUB EBook Just what the title says.


• The Biography of Thomas Aquinas

• The Difference Between Theology and Philosophy

• How We Come to Know Things

• The Existence of God and the Five Ways

• The Importance of Analogy

• Analogy of Being

• The Existence = Essence Connection in God

• The Attributes of God

• The Nature of Angels

• The Nature of Humans

• Role of the Intellect and Will with Regard to Passions

• Your 11 Passions

• Four Cardinal Virtues

• Three Theological Virtues

• Meaning & download; Role of Virtue Ethics

• The Kinds of Law

• Natural Law and the Basis of Politics

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