Thinking in C++, Volume One

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In the first edition of "Thinking in C++," Bruce Eckel synthesized years of C++ teaching and programming experience into a beautifully structured course in making the most of the language. Thinking in C++, Volume One EPUB EBook It became an instant classic, winning the 1995 "Software Development Jolt Cola" Award for best book of the year. Now, Eckel has thoroughly rewritten "Thinking in C++" to reflect the final ANSI/ISO C++ standard. Every page has been revisited and rethought, with many new examples and exercises — all designed to help you understand C++ "down to the bare metal," so you can solve virtually any problem. Eckel starts with a detailed look at objects, showing how C++ programs can be constructed from off- EPUBthe-shelf object libraries. This edition includes a new, chapter-length overview of the C features that are used in C++ — plus a new CD-ROM containing an outstanding C seminar that covers all the foundations developers need before they can truly take advantage of C++. Eckel then walks through initialization and cleanup; download; function overloading and default arguments; constants; inline functions; name control; references and the copy constructor; operator overloading; and more. There are chapters on dynamic object creation; inheritance and composition; polymorphism and virtual functions, and templates. (Bonus coverage of string, templates, and the Standard Template Library, can be found at Eckel's web site.) Every chapter contains many modular, to-the-point examples, plus exercises based on Eckel's extensive experience teaching C++ seminars. Put simply, Eckel has made an outstanding book on C++ even better. Like this book? Read online this: Object Thinking, The Joy Of Thinking.

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