Theory and Reality

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What makes science different from other ways of investigating the world? In Theory and Reality Peter Godfrey- EPUBSmith uses debates - such as the problem of confirmation, the new riddle of induction, and the problem of scientific realism - as a way to introduce, in a completely accessible way, the main themes in the philosophy of science. Theory and Reality EPUB EBook philosophy, Theory and Reality starts by surveying the last hundred years of work in the field. It covers logical positivism; download; induction and confirmation; Karl Popper's theory of science; Thomas Kuhn and scientific revolutions; the radical views of Imre Lakatos, Larry Laudan and Paul Feyerabend; and challenges to the field from sociology of science, feminism and science studies. The book then looks in detail at some of the broader philosophical issues at stake, such as philosophical naturalism, scientific realism, theories of explanation in science, Bayesianism, and other modern theories of explanation in science. Throughout the text he points out connections between philosophical debates and wider discussions about science in recent decades, such as the infamous science wars. Examples and asides engage the beginning student, a glossary of terms explains key concepts, and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of each chapter. recent history of the philosophy of science with current key debates in language that any beginning scholar or critical reader can follow. Like this book? Read online this: The Language of God, the Evidence for Belief, the Science of God, the Torah, the Bible, the Qu'ran and Science, Queer Theory, Gender Theory.

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