The Writings of Austin Osman Spare

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As much, if not more than Aleister Crowley, Spare brought magical theory into the post- EPUBpost-modern age, stripped down and streamlined. The Writings of Austin Osman Spare EPUB EBook There are few other occultists like him. Unlike Crowley, whose magical system seems to have been the result of a synthesis of much that came before him (lacking the qualifiers of so much that had yet to be translated), albeit an ingenius system, Spare breaks ground and offers much of utilitarian value. Of the two, I prefer Spare for being spare in expressing his ideas and for refraining from indulging in Baroque systemization which can limit and shape individual/dyadic exploration. He was the better artist and the more concise occultist. This is a wonderful collection of his best works. Like this book? Read online this: Austin Osman Spare, Cockney Visionary, Big Bear, Spare That Tree.

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