The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost

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Another mysterious evil book?Brad Strickland, you know you can do better!This was a long- EPUBneeded return to Johnny’s relationship with his dad. The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost EPUB EBookIt’s a very poignant and driving problem in Johnny’s life, and has the potential for some great drama.Although Major Harrison Dixon is extremely present in this book, the real conflict isn’t truly about him.If Strickland had made Daddy Dixon’s relationship to his son the driving thrust of the book, it would have done two things – 1) given the characters a chance to grow and change a bit and 2) given the novel a thematic cohesion.

This one is all over the map.I like that, theoretically – the Bellairs books work well when they explore new territory.Setting every story in Duston Heights gets stale after a while.But first we’re in Florida, then we’re in Colorado, then we’re back in Duston Heights, and then we’re in the crazy Spirit World, and it lacks cohesion.

The mysterious evil book literally turns up without a reason at all.There’s just no excuse – there’s gotta be a way to tie that in more believably than having somebody just randomly find it in their tourist cabin.And the reasons Strickland creates for getting Major Dixon back to Duston Heights are embarrassingly illogical.

That said, there’s still some good things in this book.The action scene at the end works, the solution that they come up with feels real and earned and satisfying.Also, the Spirit World is straight out of somebody’s acid dream.The series has never been this far out and metaphysical.And the return of an old bird-shaped friend is fun, too, even if he doesn’t really do much until the very end.And of course, how many people remember a one-off character from the Trolley to Yesterday?The uniqueness of Trolley, it’s one-off nature with respect to the rest of the series, makes it a really out-of-the-blue callback, but that said, I still enjoyed it.
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