The White Sparrow

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In order to spread the magic of the world, God employs many helpers, including white sparrows, who are tasked with bestowing gifts such as mercy, healing, working of miracles, and prophecy upon certain individuals. The White Sparrow EPUB EBook One might imagine handing out gifts from God would be hard work for the sparrows; download; but they get to have a little fun along the way, playing Connect- EPUBthe-Dots to make the lives of certain people intersect. Jacob Woodbury, Chime Stouffer, and Shannon McNay are three such individuals, not only recipients of special gifts, but also destined to have great impact on one another and, quite possibly, the whole world.

All human beings have gifts; and when we first discover them, like anything new, they take some getting used to, especially when the gifts involve challenges. In working through some of these challenges, and in deciding which paths to take, we might well find ourselves wanting to give the gifts back, or at least wishing they came with instruction manuals so that we could know exactly what we are supposed to do with them. We all go through times of change in our lives, and the changes can sometimes be quite troubling. But if given a chance to change things, how many of us really would?

Author Note: The White Sparrow is about making good use of the gifts and skills God has given us, and about making wise choices as we grow in our understanding and use of them. The story leaves several things to mystery, so that readers can find some of their own answers and imagine themselves within the characters. The book also contains Questions for Discussion at the end for use in classroom and youth group settings. Christian/Supernatural Ages 12+
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