The Way You Say My Name (Reed, #2)

EPUB EBook by Sara Bell

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Eighteen year old Dillon Carver made the biggest mistake of his life when he dumped Jamie Walker two years ago over Jamie's decision to come out of the closet. The Way You Say My Name (Reed, #2) EPUB EBook At the time, he was afraid Jamie's revelation would out him to the world - EPUB and his narrow-minded parents. Jamie Walker's heart was ripped to shreds when Dillon walked out on him. With help from his best friend Ben, Jamie was able to pick up the pieces and move on. He still hasn't tried his hand at love again, but for the most part Jamie has been able to put the pain behind him. Now things are different. Dillon wants Jamie back, and he'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Only one thing stands in his way: Jamie's relationship with bad boy Ben Lewis. When Dillon begins an open campaign to win Jamie back, Jamie's life is once again thrown into chaos. Like this book? Read online this: Jamie's Revenge, Reed.

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