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Question: In your opinion, what are you? A master? A religious leader? A philosopher?

Taisen Deshimaru: Ha! Good question. The Way of True Zen EPUB EBook I sometimes wonder myself. But what you are doing is limiting by categories. You can’t do that. Sometimes I am a philosopher, sometimes a religious person, sometimes a monk, sometimes an educator, sometimes a whiskey- EPUBdrinker. A great historian can understand: it’s the disciples who decide. If great disciples arise, then you have great masters. I am a religious man. I concentrate completely on shikantaza. Until death. This is my only object. When I die, then here and now, only this: true Zen monk. Understand?

“The essence of Zazen is meditation (without object)”

Following a very Buddhist tradition of leaving the comfort of home (to Gautama it was the family palace), Taisen Deshimaru is just one more case; download; but this time around a very successful case…in France.

In 1965, his master Kodo Sawaki, while sick, told Deshimaru to “transmit the teaching of bodhidarma”.

Deshimaru, meanwhile, had taken over one Dojo in Tokyo; he’d been invited by a macrobiotic group of France , to visit their nation.

"The middle way does not mean finding yourself between two pretty women and kissing both of them. That's not it"

And it happened: as someone called it, the strange “spectacle” (of a Japanese monk travelling through the trans-Siberian train); he arrived to the Gard-du-Nord in Paris in 1967. Just his bags…and the “fresh grain” of the Zen. He’d do some calligraphy work and massages; soon conferences...and books.In 1967 France had no dojo. After his arrival, each year added a dozen dojos….till the sum of 110, when he died. People felt attracted to his person.

Later he would tell in an interview: he wanted to “help God”…”help Christ”...because “ God was down, down…fatigued”.

Yuishiro Nishimura who lived in Paris with Deshimaru for 4 years said: he (got ) "famous like the Picasso’s wife, or Levi-Strauss or Maurice Bejart" (who converted to Deshimaru’s Zen).

He died in 1982.

“Le Zen c’est seulement Zazen”
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