The Waif of the "Cynthia"

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In a small town of Noroe in Norway, schoolmaster Mr. The Waif of the " download; Cynthia" EPUB EBook Malarius is interrupted while teaching his students. The unexpected visitor is the wealthy Dr. Schwaryencrona — famous for his cod- EPUBliver pills, and a childhood friend of the schoolmaster. The Dr. interviews a student (Erik Hersebom) to see how their learning is coming. He is highly impressed with studious Erik, and finds that Erik is a supposed orphan, who survived a shipwreck and was adopted by a fisherman of the village. The Dr. asks the parents if he may take Erik to Stolkholm to put him in school, and also to research Erik's history. The rest of the book is spent with Erik, the Dr., and others investigating Erik's mysterious origin.

The characters in this book are somewhat one dimensional, and there doesn't really seem to be much growth or development. Erik seems too perfect - brilliant, courteous, athletic, popular, etc... — as if the authors didn't want to deny him any good character trait.
The captain of the "Alaska" commits suicide with a poor motivation, which makes me think it was merely to get him out of the way and put Erik in a position of leadership.

The book does have a very happy ending, which is how I prefer books.

This book makes me crave fish. It also makes me cold. Like this book? Read online this: Gudernes Skæbne (Erik Menneskesøn #4), Paule Marshall Reading From "Brown Girl, Brownstones" and "Praisesong for the Widow".

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