The Voodoo Woman

EPUB EBook by Kitty Margo

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In this epic saga of lust, betrayal, slavery, and voodoo, Lynna Rhodes believes she has found the perfect husband in Joshua Jordan. The Voodoo Woman EPUB EBook Unfortunately, upon arrival at his cotton plantation in Charleston, South Carolina she has a sudden change of heart. Within hours, she discovers that his entire family suffers from one nightmare scenario after another due to a thirty year curse from The Voodoo Woman. The Voodoo Woman, seething with rage that Joshua has found true love, sets her sight, and spells, on his wife. Only with the help of a young mute girl, Clara, born with a veil and mystical powers, will Lynna even survive the heartbreaking years to follow. With their newborn daughter at death's door from one of The Voodoo Woman's curses, the trio must leave their loved ones behind and travel to the lush tropical paradise of Trinidad in search of Doc Buzzard, rumored to be the only man in the world with the power to uncross the hex of The Voodoo Woman. Like this book? Read online this: From Voodoo to Viagra, Voodoo Queen..

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