The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan

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I think this book offers good advice for almost anyone trying to control or lose weight. The Volumetrics Weight- EPUBControl Plan EPUB EBook

I bought this book not because I'm overweight per se, but because Consumer Reports rated it as the top weight loss plan and I believe I recently gained a pant size—and decided that I would rather try to burn it off then buy new pants.

I've been trying to jumpstart my summer by following the books suggestions for the two weeks.

The premise of this book is that while the number of calories we eat may vary from day to day, studies show that we almost always eat the same weight of food. So, Volumetrics encourages specific foods (typically higher in fiber or lower in fat) that fulfill satiety without adding calories. Basically, the idea is to fill full while still losing weight.

Thus, I've changed my habits so that I've been eating whole wheat cereal with fruit in the morning, a broth-based soup once a day with either lunch or dinner, eating extra fruits, veggies, and whole grains—and not doing the following: alcohol, whole milk, soda, cheeseburgers (I normally have three a week), fatty sweets, or other indulgences if I can avoid them.

Also trying to either excercise or have very active days instead of sitting on my butt in the office.

I actually feel great after a week—hopefully after two weeks I'll feel even better. 5:00 PM can be misery when I've eaten all of my healthy snacks and I'm trying to holdoff so as to enjoy my dinner, but I get by. Like this book? Read online this: GI Feel Good - Health & Weight Loss, Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan.

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