The Villain's Sidekick

EPUB EBook by Stephen T. Brophy

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When professional henchman Duke "HandCannon" LaRue runs afoul of the city's protector, Nightguard, and his spritely sidekick Twiliter during a routine smash and grab job, everything he thinks he knows about villainy, heroism, and making a fast buck is about to get turned on his steel- EPUBplated head. The Villain's Sidekick EPUB EBook The job goes south in a hurry, and his supervillainous employer, Dr. Eye, is none-too-thrilled about it. But those complications are nothing compared to an unexpected custody visit from his six-year-old daughter, the kind of kid who thinks her deadbeat dad hung the moon, not tried to blow it up. Like this book? Read online this: Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great, Villain School.

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