The Very Last Gambado (Lovejoy, #13)

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Would not recommend for fans of the Lovejoy TV series. The Very Last Gambado (Lovejoy, #13) EPUB EBook

The literary Lovejoy is a rogue, a scoundrel, and at times a right bastard. His attitudes towards women leaves much to be desired.

What brings me back and delights me about these books is the sheer joy of the caper. And, warts and all, Lovejoy is still a fun scoundrel to read about. He might not have the same soft, friendly edges of Ian McShane's inimitable TV version, but he has a determined sense of justice, if not entirely a fondness for strictly adhering to "the law."

A thoroughly enjoyable romp. Like this book? Read online this: Paid and Loving Eyes (Lovejoy, #16), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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