The Vampire Viscount

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Unholy Wedlock

Leonore Farleigh shuddered when she learned she was to marry the Viscount St. The Vampire Viscount EPUB EBook Vire.What sort of monster would take advantage of her father's debts to buy her has his bride?

But one meeting with her future husband turned her dismay to desire.Lord Nicholas St. Vire was blindingly handsome and supremely seductive.It was only after they were man and wife that questions began to poison her perfect marriage.Why did he fear to go out in the light of day? What fueled the hellfire torment in his eyes? How was he linked to the ravishing Lady Mercia Lazlo, about whom such dark rumours flew? Could the most irresistible lord in London be the most horrifying creatures of the night? Lenore had to find out as her marriage moved to its ultimate moment of truth - EPUB when the viscount's all-consuming kiss would crown her eternal happiness - or seal her undying doom.... Like this book? Read online this: Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School, The Viscount's Daughter.

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