The UnValentine

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This is like 3 3/4 stars. The UnValentine EPUB EBookI have met the author as he teaches high school in my district.He sent a free signed copy to our school library.The librarian thought of me when she read it because of my "Shakespeare hates your emo poems" T- EPUBshirt.She gave it to me to read in between things and this is actually pretty funny.I like that it uses ambitious vocabulary and that it is very non-traditional.It's light, but cynical at the same time.I can name certain teachers and friends who would find this funny, and others who would find it annoying.It's literally a five minute read, so why not give it a shot?There are funny unvalentines included in the back that you could actually tear out along the perforated edges and use if you wished.The one I remember is "I hate Valentines Day.Me too.Let's kiss." Like this book? Read online this: Comparative Politics; Six Lectures Read Before the Royal Institution in Jan. and Feb., 1873, with the Unity of History, the Rede Lecture Read Before T, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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