The Unofficial Countryside

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This re- EPUBissue of Richard Mabey's early 70s book about what we would now call brown field sites was not quite what I expected. The Unofficial Countryside EPUB EBook It was more rambling and unfocused but I revelled in it. It is quite terrifying that the man who could write this fundamentally optimistic and uplifting stuff about the the grottiest places in England, who was this immersed in nature, could succumb to such a severe depression as he later did.

It is a delicious volume under the Little Toller imprint and I am taking good care to note down the other nature classics they produce. It is good in the hand, in a way you usually only get with a slimmish hardbook. The illustrations are by Mary Newcomb, an artist I did not know before, but they complement the text perfectly.

One of the lovely things about reading this book is that some of the things Mabey did not, even in his optimism, foresee have come to pass - many cities now boast of their peregrines. Like this book? Read online this: In The Nature Of Things, Renewing the Countryside—Wisconsin.

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