The Twelve Days of Christmas in California

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On the first day of Christmas my parents gave to me. The Twelve Days of Christmas in California EPUB EBook..a holiday book about my very own state!Happy holidays, from California to the New York Island—and celebrate with six joyful new titles in the popular children's series! Based on the beloved song, every Twelve Days of Christmas book has become a sold- EPUBout sensation. Through lively, chatty letters home, each one follows a child on a fun visit with a friend or relative over winter vacation. Along the way, the young narrators convey a host of fascinating and kid-friendly facts about what they do and where they go—so young readers will find out where the name Minnesota came from; download; meet a "weather worm" in North Carolina, see NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, and learn all about Colonial America in Virginia. All the stories are written and illustrated by authors and artists living in the featured area, and three pages at the back offer extra information. They're perfect for kids planning to travel for their own holiday...or just dreaming of enjoying Christmas somewhere in our magnificent 50 states. ((Series Sales Points))- More than 40,000 copies sold of the series - Series has received excellent reviews - Written and illustrated by local authors and artists who know and love their state Like this book? Read online this: Authors & Artists for Young Adults, Volume 29, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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