The Troubles

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An up- EPUBto-date, engaging chronicle of the causes, effects, and many dimensions of 30 years of violent struggle in IrelandIn this widely acclaimed study of the complex conflicts in contemporary Northern Ireland, Tim Pat Coogan offers a clear, balanced, and reflective assessment of that struggle — and a new epilogue to address the recent breakdown of the 1994 cease-fire. The Troubles EPUB EBook

An authoritative observer of the nationalist cause with strong political contacts on both sides of the border, Coogan sets the historical context for the resurgence of centuries-old tensions that led to the civil protest and pogroms of 1969. He examines the reasons for — and the snowballing reactions to — the introduction of British forces to the streets of Derry and Belfast. Photos bring the events and personalities sharply into focus as he insightfully probes the spread of IRA violence to key locations in Britain, and the responses of the British government, its troops, and various Union organizations.

In this new edition, Coogan discusses the continuing argument over weapons, the resumed IRA bombings in February 1996, and the significance of recent elections. Having gained the confidence of the combatants, he presents exclusive interviews and examines the prospects for peace.

"Coogan fills this book with quotes, personal reportage, and wry wit.... This title should be part of any history or current events collection". — Library Journal Starred Review Like this book? Read online this: 5 Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation, All the Troubles.

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