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I starting reading the Bible when I was 5 years old - EPUB random readings. The Thompson Exhaustive Topical Bible EPUB EBook I was a 'born again' Christian by the age of 15 years old. Then as a young adult, I started studying the Bible via church leaders and scholars. I participated fully in church and church related activities. Took many courses from seminaries and bible schools. Then in my thirties, I found the need to read the Bible without outside influence. So, I read it cover to cover — Gen. 1:1 to Rev. 22:21 — six times from 1980 to 1986. I filled dozens of spiral notebooks with my findings, feelings and thoughts. About half-way through my 7th reading I discovered I had become an atheist — a lack of belief in god(s). The Bible and all religious tomes (I have read the major ones) have stories, proverbs and parables that can offer insight into the kinder, gentler side of humanity. They also show us how fear, power and prejudice can cause people to assign responsibility for these 'failings' to a god or gods. So yes, I think the Bible is worth reading but not just the 'feel good' parts — read all of it if you are going to read it. Like this book? Read online this: How to Read the Bible, Ben's Big Break Topical Study.

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