The Things of the Soul

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I keep giving President Packer's books five stars but I guess I have to because I find myself moved by his ideas. The Things of the Soul EPUB EBook Right now, I find myself with an emotional swelling in my chest thinking about the last two talks of his I just read about building a home and husband- EPUBwife relationships. I think the feelings come because the truths he is talking about transcend what is written and reach into my heart and mind. However, I am impressed with his writing too. He knows his scriptures and is extremely insightful. He is not afraid to speak hard truths that go against the norm—and collect harsh criticism. His quotes are well chosen. His use of metaphor and apperception is exceptional. He likes poetry, often doggerel, and most of his talks have one or two. He tells stories. His sense of humor is delightful and it peeks out now and then in between hard truth-telling and deep reverence for spiritual things. Reading his books, which are a collection of his talks over many years (he doesn't keep a journal!) will ground you well in gospel doctrine and challenge your thinking and comfortable beliefs. Like this book? Read online this: A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Soul Catcher (Soul Saga, #1).

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