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In Hunters and Shooters, fifteen Navy SEALs told their harrowing stories of fighting guerilla- EPUBstyle warfare in the jungles of Vietnam. The Teams EPUB EBook Legendary in battle, the SEALs — trained to fight on Sea, Air and Land - were founded in 1962 to fight terrorism, specializing in unconventional combat techniques like diving, demolition, and parachuting. Now, in The Teams six SEALs recount how the program got started - including their excruciating training sessions, first missions and amazing stories for Vietnam - showing how they became one of the most effective special military forces in the world. Richard Brozak takes readers thought the rigorous courses the SEALs took, where he lived off the land in the frozen Canadian Wilderness. Jack Rowell describes covering for his platoon chief in the midst of fierce cross fire during a mission to capture a VC commandant, and James Tipton - recipient of three Purple Hearts - recalls barely escaping in an assault boat while under heavy fire in Vietnam. The secret to the SEAL mystique is perhaps best summed up by Brozak, who characterized the SEALs as men "who knew how to keep going through almost anything without giving a thought to quitting." Like this book? Read online this: The United States Navy Seals Workout Guide, Teams.

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