The Teahouse Of The August Moon

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This gem was reccommended to me by one of my favorite clients, just before I moved to Okinawa in December 1999. The Teahouse Of The August Moon EPUB EBookShe had been stationed there in the 80's, and considered it their best assignment.She reccommended the book to me, as a lesson about the people, history and way of life on the island.
The story takes place immediately following the war.It is at first a clash of cultures.The "ugly" Americans roll in ready to civilize the Okinawans.But it is the Americans who (eventually) learn a new way of life from the Okinawans.It is sweet, charming and educational.The story was still as relevant in 1999 as is it was in 1945.The very first bit of advice I was given when I arrived on island was to "learn patience", because the Okinawans are not in a hurry to do anything, or go anywhere.
Interestingly, the Okinawans have the longest life- EPUBexpectancy in the world.We can learn a lot from them, just as the Americans did in this story. Like this book? Read online this: Life Imperfect (Lily's Story, Book 4), Blind Under The Moon (Blood Moon Pack Alliance # 1).

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