The Tao of Meow

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Use the gentle principles of Taoism to forge a profound and joyful relationship with your cat. The Tao of Meow EPUB EBook

The epitome of yin- EPUByang, the cat is perfectly balanced between tame and wild, sociability and solitude, action and rest. Called inscrutable and mysterious, perhaps even recalcitrant, felines have been deemed difficult to understand and train. Not anymore. Using the kind, gentle principles of Taoism, veteran trainer Deborah Wood introduces her revolutionary "no force, no punishment" method of creating a loving, harmonious relationship with your cat . . . a companionship filled with unparalleled rewards and unconditional love. Discover:

Step-by-step remedies for difficult problems: refusal to use the litter box, aggression, clawing furniture, and spraying urine
Cat massage and other techniques to increase the flow of qi and create telepathic communication between human and animal
Interactive human-cat games to give the cat essential mental and physical stimulation
The practice of wu wei, action through nonaction, to enrich your relationship
Taoist diet needs, a path to understanding a cat's finicky eating, and the best foods for glowing health Like this book? Read online this: Creating Contact, Choosing Relationship, The Cat Who Couldn't Meow.

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