The Squirrel Wife

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This reminded me of some of the folktales that Kevin Crossley- EPUBHolland has written. The Squirrel Wife EPUB EBookA worthy lad does a good deed for the green people of the forest and is rewarded with a wife who is half squirrel, half human.When Jack lands in jail, however, due to the jealousy and ill wishes of neighbors, both he and his wife must make difficult choices.I love the way Derek Collard illustrated this book, with each page surrounded by a border of intertwined leaves, flowers, and stems, giving it a Celtic look.Full-page illustrations are in color and have a chunky feel, as if they are made from woodcuts that have been watercolored, lending a feeling of "long ago" to the text.This story was reprinted recently with different illustrations.I'd like to get a copy of that one to compare.I do recommend this edition, however, for a very enjoyable tale. Like this book? Read online this: J.J. & J.W. Audubon - Fox, Squirrel & Rabbit Illustrations, Where Is Squirrel?.

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