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I loved West With the Night, so I was looking forward to this one. The Splendid Outcast EPUB EBookPah!Let's establish right up front that when I was a kid we had horses.I love their soft velvety lips with the prickly chin whiskers, their smooth coats, the way they twitch their skin to flick off the flies, their welcoming nickers, the way they swoosh air out their nostrils, their horsey, sweaty smell.

But they're animals, dammit.I've had it with books that give them human characteristics.As if horse characteristics were not enough to dignify them.Sheesh.That would have been enough to sink this book, but we also get to add that these stories are poorly written, in a gushing "noble animal" voice that reminds me of Albert Payson Terhune.

There has been lots of speculation that West With the Night was written more by Markham's husband than it was by her.I didn't tend to believe it until now.

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