The Speaker in Dreams

EPUB EBook by James Wyatt

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Sinister forces terrorize a town
"The town of Brindinford is in the midst of its annual streat fair. The Speaker in Dreams EPUB EBook Joy and merriment abound — until calamity disrupts the celebration. Are rival gangs responsible? Is the government sliding into tyranny? Or is a nightmarish plot about to come to fruition?"
The "Speaker in Dreams" is third in a series of stand- EPUBalone adventures for the Dungeons & download; Dragons game. You're in for a wild ride in this river town. Leave the dungeon behind — the terrors lurking in Brindinford are more challenging by far
To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the "Player's Handbook," the "Dungeon Master's ""Guide," and the "Monster Manual."
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