The Song of the Sword and Other Verses (1892)

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www. The Song of the Sword and Other Verses (1892) EPUB EBookmillion- where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: f I Andante con moto Forth from the dust and din, The crush, the heat, the many-spotted glare, The odour and sense of life and lust aflare, ] The wrangle and jangle of unrests, Let us take horse, dear heart, take horse and win ? As from swart August to the green lap of May? To quietness and the fresh and fragrant breasts Of the still, delicious night, not yet aware In any of her innumerable nests Of that first sudden plash of dawn, Clear, sapphirine, luminous, large, Which tells that soon the flowing springs of day, In deep and ever deeper eddies drawn Forward and up, in wider and wider way Shall float the sands and brim the shores On this our haunch of Earth, as round she roars And spins into the outlook of the Sun (The Lord's first gift, the Lord's especial charge) With light, with living light, from marge to marge, Until the course He set and staked be run. Through street and square, through square and street, Each with his home-grown quality of dark And violated silence, loud and fleet, Waylaid by a merry ghost at every lamp, The hansom wheels and plunges. Hark, 0 hark, Sweet, how the old mare's bit and chain Ring back a rough refrain Upon the marked and cheerful tramp Of her four shoesHere is the Park, And 0 the languid midsummer wafts adust, The tired midsummer blooms0 the mysterious distances, the glooms Romantic, the august And solemn shapesAt night this City of Trees Turns to a tryst of vague and strange And monstrous Majesties, Let loose from some dim underworld to range These terrene vistas till their twilight sets: When, dispossessed of wonderfulness, they stand Beggared and common, plain to all the land For stooks of leavesAnd lothe wizard hour Whose shining, silent sor... Like this book? Read online this: Johnny Lion's Bad Day (I Can Read Books (I Can Read Books: Level 1 (Harper Library)), Among Typhoons and Pirate Craft (1892).

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