The Snowman Who Was Cold

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One cold winter's day, the little elf children who lived way up at the North Pole, decided to build a snowman. The Snowman Who Was Cold EPUB EBook As soon as they finished, a cold winter chill blew through the air.To escape the cold, the elf children ran inside, but little Nissa forgot her teddy bear and so went out to find him. Upon retrieving her little bear, Nissa spun herself round when she heard the freshly built snowman utter these two fateful words, "I'm cold."Grab a nice cup of hot chocolate and gather 'round the fire with your loved ones, as little Nissa and her parents, with the help of a jolly old man dressed predominantly in red, try to warm up "The Snowman Who Was Cold." Like this book? Read online this: A Cold Winter (Amish Forever, #4), The Snowman.

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