The Sculptor (Sam Markham, #1)

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This book was AWESOME! I couldn't put it down, but forced myself to take it slow since there were a lot of clues and references to Michelangelo!

The Sculptor provided me with suspense, mystery, light romance, and information on Michelangelo I never knew! It caught my eye when I was at Borders - EPUB I checked the reviews out on Amazon/Goodreads (both 5-star), then I finally bought it! It was worth the money!

To provide a brief summary, Dr. The Sculptor (Sam Markham, #1) EPUB EBook Cathy Hildebrandt, local professor,art historian, and author of "Slumbering in the Stone," has an admirer -who happens to be a serial killer (aka the Sculptor). His murders are modeled after Michelangelo's sculptures and refer to her theories (provided in her book)on his work. FBI Special Agent Sam Markham is the agent handling the case. Markham working with Dr. Hildebrandt, hope to catch the "Sculptor" and stop him before his next victom.

I didn't want to put the book down and was very curious as how the Sculptor would get caught (would he get caught?). I wanted to see how the relationship between Sam and Cathy played out as well. The romance was not overly written up and flowed well within the story. I learned a lot about Michelangelo I did not know and often found myself googling his pieces to see what they looked like. The book played out as a movie in my mind. I really enjoyed this read and highly recommend it to others!

Did Christian really die? How did his "David" get discovered? Did someone possibly mimic his creations? I am eager to find out more about the questions I asked and of the relationship between Sam and Cathy. Like this book? Read online this: How To Keep Your Relationship Exciting (Loving Relationship, Relationship Advice, Increase Intimacy, Keep Love Alive, Marriage Guidance Book 1), That Mighty Sculptor, Time.

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