The Scratch of a Pen

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In February 1763, Britain, Spain, and France signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the French and Indian War. The Scratch of a Pen EPUB EBook In this one document, moreAmerican territory changed hands than in any treaty before or since.As the great historian Francis Parkman wrote, half a continent...changed hands at the scratch of a pen. As Colin Calloway reveals inthis superb history, the Treaty set in motion a cascade of unexpectedconsequences. Indians and Europeans, settlers and frontiersmen, allstruggled to adapt to new boundaries, new alignments, and newrelationships. Britain now possessed a vast American empirestretching from Canada to the Florida Keys, yet the crushing costs ofmaintaining it would push its colonies toward rebellion. White settlers, free to pour into the West, clashed as never before with Indian tribesstruggling to defend their way of lif Like this book? Read online this: The Secret Treaty, Starting from Scratch.

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