The Sanity We Are Born With

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More and more mental health professionals are discovering the rich tradition of Buddhist psychology and integrating its insights into their work with clients. The Sanity We Are Born With EPUB EBook Buddhist tradition teaches that all of us are born with what Chö download; gyam Trungpa terms "basic sanity," or inherent goodness, health, and clear perception. Helping ourselves and others to connect with this intrinsic ground of sanity and health is the subject of this collection of teachings, which the author gave to Western psychologists, psychotherapists, and students of Buddhist meditation over a number of years.

The Sanity We Are Born With describes how anyone can strengthen their mental health, and it also addresses the specific problems and needs of people in profound psychological distress. Additionally, the author speaks to the concerns of psychotherapists and any health care professionals who work with their patients' states of mind. The collection includes teachings on:

 •Buddhist concepts of mind, ego, and intelligence, and how these ideas can be employed in working on oneself and with others
 •meditation as a way of training the mind and cultivating mindfulness
 •nurturing our intrinsic health and basic sanity
 •guidance for psychotherapists and health professionals Like this book? Read online this: Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing, Back To Sanity.

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