The Royal Treasure Measure

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Cute rhyming story about a kingdom where people use different objects to measure. The Royal Treasure Measure EPUB EBook..spoons, pickles, and whatever else is handy.But this doesn't work out so well. The queen's drapes are too long.Another man's door is too small.So the king decides to hold a challenge to create a standard form of measurement.The winner will get his daughter's hand in marriage and so she becomes the judge.When a young man sees her and falls in love even though she is dressed as a commoner, she knows he is the winner of the contest and that they should use his foot as a measurement... and she decides to create a ruler that is the length of his foot for all to measure with.

I've read similar stories such as How Big Is a Foot?.I appreciated the humor and the illustrations in this one.Both are great tools to show kids the need for a standard system of measurement and to introduce a unit on customary measurement. Like this book? Read online this: One Foot in Heaven (Fear and Flying Book 1), By Royal Demand - The Royal House of Illyria 1.

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