The Revolt

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This is a thrilling book about the battle to oust the British from Palestine. The Revolt EPUB EBook It's the orignal David and Goliath story re- EPUBtold. Menachem Begin is modest about his own role and full of praise for everyone around him. His personal story is gripping and he has a knack for telling a good tale. The story also refutes many points in "official" histories on the birth of Israel, which take the point of the view of Jewish Agency officials who later became the first leaders of Israel. Begin's book also is far more readable than the autobiography of Ben Gurion, which comes off as dull, bureaucratic, and self-important. But both do emphasize a great sensitivity for human life. Begin's Irgun soldiers are termed "terrorists" — but they never attacked civilians, only British soldiers. What a contrast to today's so-called freedom fighters. Like this book? Read online this: The British Short Story, Dragon Revolt.

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