The Red Cross of Gold XXVIII

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Fantastic read and the saga continues. The Red Cross of Gold XXVIII EPUB EBookMark Andrew continues to mystify me (being split into different individuals is a bit confusing) as do the other characters in this book.I have to say that the most "evolved" character is Selwig, and I am very impressed (I really like the little Tuathan Healer) :o) Some things are made clearer in The Centaur, while other things leave more questions.Still, all in all, a great story.Now the wait for Book XXIX is upon us.I think once the series is complete, I will read from the first book all the way through to the end to pull it all together in my head.If you haven't read this series yet, and enjoy fantasy, romance, and science fiction, along with a fascinating interpretation of a mix of religions thrown in, you don't know WHAT you are MISSING! Like this book? Read online this: Don't Read This Book Whatever You Do, ZYZZYVA No. 94 (Volume XXVIII, #1, Spring 2012).

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