The Queen of the Pirate Isle

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This was a quaint story about children with very vivid imaginations written by an author who didn't write for children. The Queen of the Pirate Isle EPUB EBookI rather doubt he intended it for children, as the ending is rather confused, and it seems to really have been written to tell the story of how a particular mine got discovered, which is more along the lines of what Harte wrote about.However, the beautiful illustrations by Kate Greenaway tend to push it toward the children's lit category.I certainly enjoyed the description of how Polly's imagination worked.Given that the book was originally written in 1886, I can forgive his stereotyped depiction of Wan Lee's speech (changing all his r's to l's), which was difficult to read at times.All in all, an interesting period piece, worth it for his wonderful writing style and Greenaway's lovely illustrations. Like this book? Read online this: The Children's Bible Story Book, Let the Good Times Roll with Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe.

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