The Prize (Thoroughbred: Ashleigh, #13)

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"Before Thoroughbred, Ashleigh Griffen lived at Edgardale, her family's farm in Kentucky. The Prize (Thoroughbred: Ashleigh, #13) EPUB EBook Nothing could be more perfect than life on the farm with her family, her favorite horses, and her best friend, Mona. Ashleigh loves helping with the horses — and dreaming of becoming a jockey someday..."But is the prize really worth it?Ashleigh needs a new saddle, and the prize for champion on the local show circuit is a beautiful new one. But Ashleigh has never been confident in the show ring — does she dare even try? Her best friend, Mona Gardener, loves to show and promises to help out. Ashleigh decides to go for it.

As the shows progress, Mona becomes more and more competitive, trying to score the most points and win the saddle herself. Ashleigh doesn't know what to do. Will a friendly competition put an end to a lifelong friendship? Like this book? Read online this: Noodle Loves the Farm, Starstruck (Thoroughbred, #63).

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