The Portable Dante

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Oh Dante! Tuscan master of belle langue
Who crafted these three heavenly pearls
Of stunning verse, that unleash in song
Of tortuous treks, our pilgrim led by Virgil's
Wise spirit, mastering fierce devils and Hell
To reach the base of Purgatory's mount
Bewitched by souls who stumble in a veil
Attempting Heaven's Gate too long to count
Menagerie of repenting souls, now wise
To past life's sins, Latins whom before
Our pilgrim Dante, in asking, brooks no lies
And gains much wisdom wending through the door
That leads unto the vast celestial sea
Wherein Beatrice, so fair, his heart's true love
Guides him through the star's holy tapestry
E'en as our traveler seeks Grace from above
Oh Dante! Genius' radiant confrere
Whose stanzas, like diamonds, glisten and shine
With a resplendence nigh beyond compare
Not for every taste, true, but ah! for mine! Like this book? Read online this: The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Purgatory, Volume 1, Dante.

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